otbt april 2022: update

Let’s kick off this month’s report by checking if I managed to get everything done that I had planned.

Guest posting continued, and another 2 links were added, bringing the total number of referring domains to over 100.

I added only another 5 blog posts to the website, and the total number of festival listings stands at 48. Both goals missed, but more on that later.

Button tracking was introduced and will need monitoring to determine which pages need some conversion rate optimisation.

Now let’s dive into the website metrics for April.

april website metrics.

Let’s look at the metrics from Google Analytics, Ahrefs and Google Search Console.

traffic breakdown

The beginning days of April saw a significant spike in traffic. This was thanks to Elon Musk being denied entry into Berghain, and the article on that topic drew in huge numbers. Thanks, Mr Musk! There was good growth in the number of sessions from last month.

March 2022: 6269 sessions
April 2022: 13123 sessions
Month on month: 109.33% increase

ahrefs metrics

The DR has remained at 7 for March. The numbers compared to last month are below:

  • Backlinks: +23
  • Referring domains: +9
  • Organic keywords: +600

organic keywords

Organic keywords in the top 3 positions were down by the end of the month. However, overall the number of keywords ranking was up from March.

revenue for april.

Briefly, the website is monetised through display advertising (using Ezoic) and affiliate marketing.

Ezoic ads earned $83.66 in April at an EPMV of $6.40. The average number of visits was up by 223.

Affiliate commissions booked (but not yet paid out) for the month are below:

  • agoda.com: $4.95
  • stay22.com: $5.02

The total gross income for the month is $93.63.

link building.

I wrote just 1 new guest post this month. And I sent out only 2 outreach emails. The data set is too small to be meaningful.

Overall the success rate for guest posting has been reasonable. Another backlink was earned passively from a blog post ranking well on the topic of Berghain.

I aim to do some more outreach in May to get a few more backlinks.

next steps.

For May, the goal is to really stick to a content publishing plan. So I sat down towards the end of April and got a 2 month content plan created on Trello. There should be 15 new posts at the end of May.

Although not seen in the affiliate commissions, there have been several canceled accommodation bookings which leaves me optimistic the revenue will increase to over $100 for the first time.

I will try dialing in the CRO to convert more visitors to the key pages hopefully. But, in all honesty, I think the website could de better affiliate wise.

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