otbt march 2022: update

The website’s gross revenue grew from $47.36 to $72.01, a 52% increase month on month. In addition, there were 8 new articles published and 4 new festival listings added.

The guest posting campaign brought in 3 backlinks from other websites with DR ranging from 25-55. During the month, our own DR dropped from 9 to 7 and then briefly went up to 8 before returning to 7.

A freelance travel writer has now joined the project and will be producing longer-form content every 2 weeks.

Last month’s next steps for March were to increase the DR score and have 50 festival listings live. Unfortunately, neither of those were achieved.

This month’s report will cover the topics below:

march website metrics.

Let’s look at the metrics from Google Analytics, Ahrefs and Google Search Console.

traffic breakdown

The last day of March saw a significant spike in traffic. This is bot traffic to the homepage, so it shouldn’t be considered. However, there was good growth in the number of sessions from last month.

February 2022: 4859
March 2022: 6269 (we discounted the last day of the month)
Month on month: 29.01% increase

ahrefs metrics

The DR has remained at 7 for March. The numbers compared to last month are below:

  • Backlinks: +34
  • Referring domains: +15
  • Organic keywords: -0.1k

organic keywords

Organic keywords in the top 3 positions were down by the end of the month. Overall the number of keywords ranking was down from February.

revenue for march.

Briefly, the website is monetised through display advertising (using Ezoic) and affiliate marketing.

Ezoic ads earned $34.74 in March at an EPMV of $5.46. The average number of visits was up by 51.

Affiliate commissions earned for the month are below:

  • gettransfer.com: $4.95
  • skiddle.com: $15.58
  • stay22.com: $18.46

The total gross income for the month is $73.73.

link building.

We placed 3 new links through guest posting this month. Each required an original piece of content to be written for the link to be accepted. None of these links were paid for.

We sent just 6 outreach emails in March, and the response rate was 66%, and the approval to write a guest post was 50%.

2 new guest posts still need to be written in April. These links should appear next month.

next steps.

For April, the goals for the website are to continue the Guest Posting link campaign to get the number of referring domains to over 100.

In addition, a minimum of 10 blog posts are to be published. And for the festival listings to be at 50 by the month’s end.

More advanced button tracking will be introduced to have a clearer understanding of which are converting into affiliate commissions.

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