roi = content + marketing

When paired with search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing is a proven method of delivering outstanding return on investment (ROI) time after time.

Marketing done through organic search engines is considered more trustworthy than other channels and also better at converting visitors.

We take an approach that is both human-centric and machine learning-driven. To deliver content that is both technically sound and engaging to read.

When content marketing is done correctly, the result is more leads, sales and revenue for your business.

who’s behind the glasses?

Hello, Mathew here! My team and I have been growing content websites for nearly 5 years. Our first portfolio website was started in 2017. The organic search engine traffic is up 2544% in the last year.

Black Plastic Glasses documents the whole portfolio. No fluff. A straight honest showing of what can be done with a strategic approach to SEO.

Also, you can hire me to help you build a content publishing strategy and improve your SEO.