otbt february 2022: update

A total of 6 new articles were added to the website in February. Ezoic ads were also placed on the website around the middle of the month.

In this update we cover the following:

february website metrics.

traffic breakdown

The traffic in Februrary was consistent overall. The bounce rate remains at less than 1%

ahrefs metrics

year on year comparison

The growth has been promising compared to the same period last year.

organic keywords

There were 102 keywords in positions 1-3 across the website by the end of Februrary 2022.

revenue for February.

Ezoic ads were placed on the website for the first time. The total earned was $11.27 from 3229 visitors. At an at EPMV of $3.49

There was revenue from 2 affiliate programs during the month:

Booking.com – $25.80
Skiddle.com – $10.29

The total gross income for February was $47.36

link building.

A guest post link building campaign has been started aimed primarily at travel blogs in the industry. The site also picked up it’s first non-outreach link from a relevant website. The DR of the linking domain is 49.

next steps.

Guest posting outreach will continue throughout the month of March. The primary objective for March will be to increase the DR score.

We are also aiming to have 50 festival listings on the website by the end of March. These listings will be monetised primarily through display advertising.

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